Low Maintenance Garden Designs

Busy people often want low maintenance, child friendly gardens. We all have a lot less time on our hands and want to spend our leisure time enjoying our garden, not maintaining it.

Low Maintenance Garden DesignsThere may be some aspects of gardening you enjoy such as mowing the lawn or looking after plant pots but sometimes you may just not have the time. In general low maintenance gardens tend to be more hard landscaping like patios and paved areas, brick walls, gravel, slate, decking and pergolas etc., and less soft landscaping, like turf, garden beds but turfed areas are great for the children to play on. Low maintenance gardens doesn't mean no maintenance (that would be a yard laid to concrete) but a regular routine of small maintenance jobs should keep your garden in check.

We understand the problems and consider ourselves skilled in the design of low maintenance gardens using hard landscaping, paving, gravel and careful planting to great effect.

Hertfordshire Garden Landscapes is run by Jake McGrath. Call Jake now on 0208 953 5564 for an informal chat about your new low maintenance garden design.